Adjustable gliding cup foot

*Adjustable gliding cup foot*

We are so EXCITED to announce the brand new Adjustable gliding cup foot that has just been launched with Bernina and we have them in stock!

Quilting around raised or dimensional elements of your quilt is easier than ever with the help of the Adjustable Gliding Cup Foot #74. Smoothly glide over lifted or uneven edges of embellishments and appliqués. The transparent cup allows for clear sight lines to the needle and fabric giving you more control over the creative process.

Unobstructed view of the material

Adjust the height of the foot to the fabric

Inner markings for perfect placement

Glides over bulky seams

To get a closer look, check out the video on it by clicking here!

Adjustable gliding cup foot #74 - For Domestic Machines - BERNINA

We have them in stock and they are £95 plus we offer free delivery, just call us on 0131 313 1002 or 0131 539 7766 to place an order.