Christmas Stocking Pattern

Congratulations to Kathryn Campbell for winning our Christmas Stocking Competition!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and a very special congratulations to Kathryn for her outstanding submission! Kathryn won a wonderful box of Mettler embroidery thread.

We loved Kathryn’s unique take on Christmas with her beautiful appliqué poinsettias and whimsical cording technique.

Kathryn’s stocking is on display in the shop and you can see the pattern below.

Stocking 1  Stocking 2



1/2 metre of fabric for stocking outside
1/2 metre lining fabric
Scraps of suitable fabric for appliqué
1/2 metre fusible fleece
2 metres satin bias binding (width: 19mm)
1 1/2 metres piping cord (5mm)
4ply cotton knitting yarn
2 skeins 6-strand embroidery thread
Stocking Pattern
Suitable appliqué design
Suitable embroidery design or free-motion embroidery

Lay out pattern as shown below. Tape pages together. Connect/smooth lines where necessary

Note: Add seam allowance all the way around pattern as and when required

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.53.46



Trace the stocking pattern onto the main fabric using chalk or a disappearing marker

Position appliqué design in a few places scattered over the pattern piece and stitch in place using embroidery foot or appliqué foot

Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of fabric

Using the disappearing marker, draw wavering lines about 1″ away from each appliqué, then continue drawing more lines at further 1″ intervals to fill in the whole of the pattern piece

Set up the machine with suitable sewing thread on needle and bobbin. Using a multichannel cording foot and decorative stitch (such as cross stitch, honeycomb or fagoting stitch) with a stitch width to cover the widest grooves of the foot, thread one skein of 6-strand embroidery thread through left hand channel and the other through the right hand channel of the foot and then stitch all around the marked lines making sure you leave long ends on the embroidery thread at the beginning and end of each line. Neaten the ends of the ‘circular’ lines by drawing through to back of work


Set up the machine using a 4mm twin needle, your standard foot and a suitable sewing thread in both needles and the bobbin

Stitch a large grid over the fabric using corded pin tucks

Mark out the stocking pattern making sure it is the reverse of the way you did for Side 1. Iron on the interfacing

Sizing the snowflake embroidery design as necessary, work it as required in alternate squares of the grid

This may also be done as free-motion embroidery


Set up machine with your standard foot and suitable sewing thread in needle and bobbin

Cut off about 40cm bias binding and fold in half. Stitch close to the open edges

Stitch a 3mm wide zigzag along binding

Cut stitched bias in half. Holding the stitched edges close to each side of the centre plate of the foot; stitch two pieces of bias together


Cut out two pattern pieces of lining

Set up machine with standard foot and suitable sewing thread in needle and bobbin

Sew around sewing line leaving a 10cm gap along bottom edge of stocking for turning later


Set up machine with a single channel piping foot and suitable thread in needle and bobbin

Iron bias binding flat then fold in half over piping cord

Stitch along length


Pin one end of hanger at an angle to top/back of side 2 of stocking

Pin or tack the piping, cord side inside, seam out with stitching line over the seam line

Stitch again using piping foot to attach piping to side 2

Place sides 1 and 2 right sides together, fold hanger in half to other side of piping, then stitch again to join back and front

Trim and clip curves then turn right side out

Pin or tack the piping, as before, around the top of the stocking and stitch

Place outside and lining right sides together and stitch

Turn stocking through the gap in the base of the lining

Close the gap in the base of the lining by stitching close to the edge

Stitch the lining inside the outer

Stitch in the ditch to neaten around the top of the stocking between the body and the piping

Have fun!