The new Bernina large freearm hoop

The new Bernina large free arm hoop

Compatible with Bernina 5, 7 & 8 series 
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BERNINA Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop - BERNINA

The NEW Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop enables the use of the
BERNINA Freearm with tubular items.

This novel hoop technology provides the unique opportunity to promote the
customer benefits of the Freearm as one of the characteristics and unique
selling points of Bernina’s sewing and embroidery machines.

BERNINA Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop - BERNINA

Key Selling Features

  • Ability to easily hoop.
  • Use of the BERNINA Freearm for embroidery on tubular projects, e.g. T-shirts or pre-made bags.
  • Tubular or pre-made bag textile products do not require unsewing and re-sewing.
  • Less use of additional stabilizer and fabric for hooping.


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