Pfaff Select 4.2

Pfaff Select 4.2

We have 2 Pfaff select 4.2 models just in!! It is an extremely unique high performance mechanical machine that offers all the convenience of modern technology, plus, extras that will make your sewing even more fun and creative!

Pfaff Select 4.2 Sewing Machine discount Pfaff supplier
All of this for £599, it comes with 5 years guarantee and we offer free next day delivery everywhere in the UK, plus ongoing telephone support with our expert sewing tutors. We only have 2 left and we expect them to go fast!

Here are just some of the fantastic features it offers:

THE ORIGINAL IDT™ System – Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.
EASY SELECT™ System – Quickly choose a stitch with the press of a button
CONSTANT NEEDLE PIERCING Power – Gives stitch by stitch control and full piercing power at any speed.



If you are interested or have any questions just call us on 01315397766 or 01313131002 or you can send us a message through the Facebook messenger pop up on the bottom right corner!