Frequently Asked Questions

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My machine is skipping stitches; what should I do?

  • Change your needle. Needles are only good for 8 hours of sewing.
  • Check your upper threading. Make sure that every part is threaded correctly.
  • Check that your bobbin is inserted in the bobbin case properly.
  • If in doubt, always rethread your machine.

How do I load my bobbin?

  • For a front or side loading bobbin, remove metal bobbin case. Insert bobbin so that it spins clockwise as you pull the thread. Insert case with metal arm facing upwards.
  • For a top loading bobbin, place your bobbin into the case in a “P” shape.

How often should I have my machine serviced?

  • Once every 2-3 years. Always take it to a qualified mechanic. Looking after your machine will maintain the value and extend its lifetime.

Do you service sewing machines?

  • Yes. We have a team of qualified mechanics that can service any make and model. Any repairs that go beyond the price of a service are guaranteed for 1 year parts and labour.

How do I get to the store?

  • Please visit the Contact page to see directions, maps and bus routes.

What needle should I use?

  • Needles are tailored to every kind of fabric and thread. For instance, a jeans needle is stronger than a standard needle so that it can work through dense fabrics without breaking. PLEASE PHONE US FOR A FREE NEEDLE GUIDE.

Do you sell knitting supplies?

  • Yes, we sell knitting machines and accessories as well as hand knitting supplies.


  • Change your needle after every 8 hours of use.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate thread/needle for each project. Example: If you are sewing with metallic thread, then using a metallic needle will help.
  • Bobbins are machine specific. Be sure to use the correct ones for your machine.