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Why not give the gift of choice this Christmas. We have Gift Vouchers available from £5 and can be any amount!

फ़ोटो के बारे में कोई जानकारी नहीं दी गई है.

Collectable item!

Extremely Limited, Usually £499 but now on offer for £299!


We are the only place in Europe that has them for only £299, Saving £200!

Offer running for 14 DAYS ONLY!

85mm knife outfitted with implements for seamstress or tailor

We are lucky enough to be the only ones with this extremely limited, collectable Bernina Swiss knife!
It is an 85mm 5 layer Wenger Swiss Army Knife produced in collaboration with the Swiss sewing machine manufacturer Bernina.

It has a number of unique implements designed specifically for the tailor or seamstress.

Take a closer look and watch a video of the Bernina Swiss Knife below:

The model 504 has no conventional knife blade, instead it has a large number of sewing related functions, several of them exclusive to this knife. Rotary cutter that uses round, replaceable razor blades.
On the back side of this tool is a small notch that acts as a thread cutter. Seam guide, described in more detail in the Remove-able Tools section.
An intricate folding plastic carrier takes up two layers. It houses a number of the model 504’s removable tools.
Hollow round awl, intended for punching lacing holes in leather or heavy fabric.
Magnifying Glass – with precision screwdriver
Another feature exclusive to the 504 is a removable seam guide/ribbon guide/elastic guide. It has both an inch and metric scales, as well as a small plastic slider which acts as a guide.
Housed in the folding plastic carrier are a number of items, including a needle threader, an embroidery wand, and a two-piece needle inserter/thread ripper/textile marker. Spare textile marker refills are also housed in the carrier.

If you would like to order one, just give us a call on 0131 313 1004 and we can help all the way!

Brother V Series Trolley Set


Fits all V series machines as well as the Brother 880e , 2700 & F580e!

Brother V Series Trolley Bag ZTROLLEYVSERIES1

Brother Stellaire (XJ/XE) Trolley Set

Brother X Series Trolley Bag ZTROLLEYSTELLAIRE1

Brother Luminaire (XP) Trolley Set

Brother Luminaire XP1/XP3 Trolley Bag ZTROLLEYLUMINAIRE1

Very Special Bernina Offers

Bernina 770QE Plus Includes BSR £4250   NOW £3995!

No description available.

  • Handle large quilts with ease
  • Precise and perfect stitches
  • Patchwork Foot #97D included
  • Enjoy superb fabric feed
  • Embroidery capable
  • Hook system BERNINA Hook
  • Sewing space to the right of the needle 10”
  • Color touch screen 4.3” / 10 cm
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Sewing tutorial
  • Embroidery tutorial
  • Maximum stitch width 9

Bernina S-570QE Includes BSR £2895 

£500 OFF
ONLY £2395

No description available.

  • Enjoy superb fabric feed
  • Handle big quilts with ease
  • Your threads are cut automatically
  • Precise and perfect stitches
  • Patchwork Foot #97 included
  • Hook system BERNINA Hook
  • Sewing space to the right of the needle 8.5”
  • Color touch screen 4.3” / 10 cm
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • BERNINA Dual Feed (BDF)
  • Lower thread indicator
  • Programmable BERNINA foot control
  • Maximum stitch width 9
  • Start/stop button (stitching without foot control)
  • Pivot / hover function
  • Embroidery Area 15.7″ x 5.9″
  • Embroidery Module opt.

Bernina 500
Usually £3145 
Special Offer £1850 – Saving a MASSIVE £1295!
No description available.

  • Length of freearm to the right of the needle – 8.5 inches
  • Colour Touchscreen 4.3 Inches
  • LED sewing lights – 12 LED’s
  • Maximum embroidery area – 15.7″ x 5.9″
  • Maximum embroidery speed (Stitches per minute) – 1000
  • Built-in embroidery designs – 275
  • Embroidery alphabets – 8

If you would like to order one, just give us a call on 0131 313 1004 and we can help all the way!

Bernina 700
Usually £4300
Special Offer £2750 – Saving a MASSIVE £1550

No description available.

  • Maximum embroidery speed – 1000 (stitches per minute)
  • Length of freearm to the right of the needle – 10 Inches
  • Colour touch screen – 7 Inches
  • LED sewing light – 30
  • Embroidery Area 15.7″ x 8.3″
  • Freearm Embroidery
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs –  320
  • Embroidery Alphabets – 18

If you would like to order one, just give us a call on 0131 313 1004 and we can help all the way!

Bernina 335 £1075  NOW £995

No description available.

  • It’s sew comfortable
  • Super easy threading
  • Big space for big creativity
  • Easy, breezy buttonholes
  • Superior stitch control
  • Sewing space to the right of the needle 6.3”
  • LCD-Display
  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • Memory (long-term/altered stitches)
  • Slide speed control
  • Free Hand System (FHS)
  • Maximum stitch width 5.5
  • Automatic buttonhole
  • Pattern mirroring
  • Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet) total 221

L-890 Overlock & Coverstitch Combo
WAS £4495 NOW £3995

No description available.
For more information on the L890 click here.

L-860 Overlocker
WAS £2995 NOW £2495

No description available.
For more information on the L860 click here.

L-850 Overlocker
WAS £2495 NOW £1995

No description available.
For more information on the L850, click here.


Janome America: World's Easiest Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery Machines & Sergers


It’s on the way… this incredibly sturdy, powder coated metal, seamless flatbed machine provides an expansive sewing area with 343mm (13.5”) to the right of the needle and a spacious height of 140mm (5.51”). The most powerful penetration and needle piercing capabilities in home sewing.

• 1300 s.p.m.
• 450 Stitches + 5 x Alphabets + 13 x Buttonholes
• Sewing Applications
• A.S.R. (Accurate Stitch Regulator)
• Floating Mode to make sewing over thick seams a breeze.
• Mirage Stitch to create the illusion of standalone decorative stitches.
• Automatic Presser Foot Lift, Pivot Function
• Auto One-Touch Needle Plate Conversion – 3 plates included (zigzag, straight & HP Professional).
• Independent bobbin winding motor
• Thumb Wheel for added convenience.
• Optical bobbin monitoring
• Enhanced feed dog design
• AcuFeed Flex (Electronic) for flawless fabric feeding.
• Knee lift for Variable zig zag
• AcuSpark2 App available for Smart phones/tablets for support & inspiration


For any questions just call us on 0131 313 1004!

From PLUS to PRO!

Introductory Price for the Bernina 790 Pro + Embroidery Unit is £8,100! 

Put down a deposit today and be one of the first to receive a Bernina 790 Pro for early delivery!

Bernina have added a number of really exciting additions to this model’s already impressive list of features, the creative options are truly endless. From the fully automatic needle threader to the amazing Bernina laser pointer and 4-point placement this machine is now even easier to use. WiFi connectivity and the Bernina stitch out app keeps an eye on your embroidery while you’re free to get on with other creative tasks.

Stitch Precision – Watch it by clicking Here!

Pinpoint Laser – Watch it by clicking HERE!

Thread the Needle Automatically – Watch it HERE!

Place your designs to suit your project – Watch it HERE!

Monitor your embroidery on your smartphone – Watch it HERE!

Customisable Quilt Designs – Watch it HERE!

Create your individual stitch – Watch it HERE!

Align designs as you wish – Watch it HERE!


  • Authorised Dealer
  • BERNINA Pinpoint Laser – A laser now shows the exact position where the needle will touch the fabric. In sewing, it works in every needle position, a USP of Bernina as it’s the only machine to do so in the market!
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader– Threading the needle has never been easier! Just follow the same thread path as other BERNINA 7 Series models and at the end, just press the new button on the machine and the needle is reliably threaded.
  • WiFi connectivity – B 790 PRO is BERNINA’s first WiFi capable machine, which allows it to connect to the new Stitchout App and transfer designs to/from the Embroidery Software 9.
  • 4-Point Placement – This morphing function is primarily used to adjust quilt designs to fit a square, irregular shape. This is a real game changer if your block is not as perfect as you would like. It can also be used when stitching out different 4-sided shapes such as a diamond. The fit function allows you to center a design with pre-defend margin spacing.
  • BERNINA Stitchout App – This new app is a monitoring platform and helps you track the progress of the embroidery stitchout, by sending you notifications when the thread needs to be changed, a problem occurred, the stitchout process has finished etc.
  • Customisable Quilt Designs – Read and edit professional level quilting pattern design files (BQM) from a built-in library, with more available online. Not only can you set the desired Stitches per Inch (SPI) for BQM files, now, all existing editing tools apply to BQM files.
  • Align and distribute designs & Multi-line lettering and alignment –These features not only let users easily distribute and align their designs, but also now allows users to write multiple lines of text in one step, adjust the line spacing and align it to the right, left or centre.
  • QWERTY keyboard – A simple but effective change. The keyboard layout on screen has been edited to align with standard computer keyboards to make typing even quicker.
  • Stitch Precision² – The next generation BERNINA stitch precision2 technology makes your sewing, quilting and embroidery experience quieter, more precise, and joyful. Swiss innovations allow for enhanced stitch quality and up to 33% higher SDT embroidery speed.
  • New elegant “anthracite” faceplate – with chrome details.
  • More stitches and designs – the 790 PRO has 700 decorative stitches, 10 sewing alphabets, 25 embroidery alphabets, 500 embroidery designs.

The 790-PRO also includes all the new features of the 770QE PLUS

  • BSR 3 Mode
  • KickStart
  • Scaling Lock for Pinpoint Placement
  • Triple Stitch
  • Pattern Repeat up to 99 patterns
  • Shape Designer

Introductory Price for the Bernina 790 Pro + Embroidery Unit is £8,100! 

Put down a deposit today and be one of the first to receive a Bernina 790 Pro for early delivery!

If you would like to order one, just give us a call on 0131 313 1004 and we can help all the way!



Just call us on 0131 313 1004

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9480 QCP Professional Sewing Quilting Machine - Seams Sew Perfect

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9480 QCP Professional Sewing Quilting Machine - Seams Sew Perfect

The JANOME HORIZON Memory Craft 9450 QCP was launched in 2018. We are very excited to now announce the arrival of the NEW MC9480 QC PROFESSIONAL to take Sewing and Quilting to the ‘next level’!

This stylish new model has the same design DNA as other JANOME Professional Series models, with 280mm workspace, an extension table, 9mm stitch width, HD colour screen plus time saving Sewing Application enhancements and additional user-friendly functions:

• A.S.R.TM (Accurate Stitch Regulator) includes Ruler Work Foot
• Detachable AcuFeedTM Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System
• Professional Grade Foot (HP-2) & Needle Plate. (3 Plates included)
• 400 Stitches including 4 Alphabets. Stitch Tapering & Mirage Stitch
• Locking ON/OFF button for the beginning of Quilt Stitches
• 9-Hole cording foot
• Floating Mode for advanced detail work
• Dials for Fine tuning stitch width & length
• AcuSpark 2 (QR Code App) for learning

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