Things to consider when buying a sewing machine:


  1. Function. What would you like your machine to do? Dressmaking? Quilting? Textile art? What type of materials are you likely to use? Cotton? Leather? Paper? Will the machine be for professional or personal use? Answers to these questions will help us to focus your search.
  2. Budget. How much are you willing to spend? Sewing machines range in price from £99 to £9,000. Where do you fall within that spectrum? Call David and Sophie to discuss how to get the most for your money.
  3. Potential. We want to make sure that the machine you buy will last. Consider which machine is realistic for you today, but will also provide you with future potential. It’s better to invest in a machine that will last you twenty years than to buy something that will cramp your creativity after two. Our free private tuition and ongoing support guarantees that you’ll be able to explore your machine’s potential over any length of time.


Horn Hobby Chair – Limited Edition

The popular Horn Hobby Chair is now available in 6 beautiful finishes! With adjustable height and back, this chair gives you great support and comfort while you work. We even use it ourselves!

Price: £259.00 PLUS Free delivery.

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David loves it!

Babylock Offers


Creative ideas can now be realised even more easily with this wonderful overlocker. The Acclaim leaves nothing to be desired in terms of user-friendliness and fabric processing.

It is the only overlocker of it’s kind apart from it’s big sister Gloria that can thread all the upper and lower loopers PLUS the needles, all with a press of a button! Not only that, it also has fully automated tensions!

Babylock Acclaim Overlocker

🧡 LED Lighting
🧡 Automated threading
🧡 Automated tensions
🧡 4/3/2 Thread & rolled hem
🧡Full-Featured Differential Feed

With 10% off it WAS £1,649 But now is currently £1,484 PLUS it is coming with a box of accessory feet AND a trim bin (normally costs £162.50!) for FREE!

It comes with a 4 year warranty and we provide FREE Next day delivery. For more info or to place an order, just give us a call on 0131 539 7766 or 0131 313 1002.