Things to consider when buying a sewing machine:


  1. Function. What would you like your machine to do? Dressmaking? Quilting? Textile art? What type of materials are you likely to use? Cotton? Leather? Paper? Will the machine be for professional or personal use? Answers to these questions will help us to focus your search.
  2. Budget. How much are you willing to spend? Sewing machines range in price from £99 to £9,000. Where do you fall within that spectrum? Call David and Sophie to discuss how to get the most for your money.
  3. Potential. We want to make sure that the machine you buy will last. Consider which machine is realistic for you today, but will also provide you with future potential. It’s better to invest in a machine that will last you twenty years than to buy something that will cramp your creativity after two. Our free private tuition and ongoing support guarantees that you’ll be able to explore your machine’s potential over any length of time.


Janome MC15000 Ex Demonstration Sale

This August Janome are doing an unbelievable offer on their flagship machine, the Memory Craft 15000.

Ex Demonstration Price:

ONLY £4,249!

Customer Saves £2,750

off New Price £6,999

Following Janome’s European Institute event earlier this year in Portugal , which our own sewing tutor Sophie attended, they have a limited number of MC15000s which were used to teach classes on at the event. These ex-demonstration machines have hardly been used, are upgrade-able and come with all of the standard accessories.

This promotion runs until further notice, when they are gone, they are gone!

For more details on the MC 15000 click here.

Bernina’s July Software Offer

This July Bernina is offering the latest Version 8 Software, usually £1095, completely free with the beautiful Bernina 790.


New features include: Colour PhotoStitch, 3D Globe Effects, Couching and more! With constant improvements, the interface is even more user-friendly. The precise positioning and multi-hooping functions allow you to create extra large designs and borders. If you want to make it, Version 8 will do it!

The elegant Bernina 790 is perfect for highly creative sewers and is £5,750 which includes the embroidery unit and Bernina’s Famous 7 year warranty.

With more than 1351 stitch patterns, free hand system, plus the clear touch screen display. Whether altering the stitch length, width or needle position or even creating combinations the machine will remember all the stitch details for you. It sews up to speeds of 1000 stitches per minute, has up to 9mm stitch width and includes a meticulously-engineered, extended freearm with ten inches of space to the right of the needle, leaving you with plenty of room for those big sewing projects.

Please give us a call on 0131 539 7766 and ask for David or Carey for more information.